Flitto Inc.の上場のお知らせ

株式会社コロプラネクスト(代表取締役社長:山上愼太郎、以下「コロプラネクスト」)が運用するコロプラネクスト5号ファンド投資事業組合より出資をしたFlitto Inc.(本社:大韓民国ソウル市、KOSDAQ: 300080、以下「Flitto」)が2019年7月17日付で韓国証券取引所に上場致しました。











【株式会社コロプラネクスト 会社概要】

社名  :株式会社コロプラネクスト

所在地 :東京都渋谷区恵比寿4-20-3

設立  :2015年2月10日

資本金 :1億円

代表者 :代表取締役社長 山上愼太郎




Flitto Inc. (headquartered in Seoul, Korea, “Flitto” below), a company funded by Colopl Next No.5 Fund Investment Partnership, operated by Colopl Next, Inc. (CEO: Shintaro Yamakami, “Colopl Next” below), went public at Korea Stock Exchange on July 17, 2019.

Flitto is the first IPO company among all the ones that Colopl Next’s funds have invested in.

Flitto started as a translation crowdsourcing service, and its platform has expanded into specialized translation and AI translation.

Currently, 10 million users from 170 countries are using the company’s platform.

Either one of the various forms of language, be it audio, sign language and handwriting, is indispensable in our daily communication. The service developed by Flitto will contribute to smoothening our daily communication, and foreign languages as understandable as users’ mother tongues. We are extremely pleased to welcome the day of Flitto’s IPO.

Founded in 2015, Colopl Next has involved in many investment activities across industries, countries, and regions. We have about 100 portfolio companies, and more than half of them are based outside Japan.

Furthermore, the business domain for our investment has reached B2B SaaS, HR tech, C2C, media, influencers, and more.

Colopl Next also operates a fund exclusively investing listed companies, which differentiates us from conventional Japanese VC’s investment activities.

In the future, besides the Europe and Americas that we have focused on from the founding date,

we will speed up our investment in ASEAN countries. We are also planning to expand in other regions.

【Colopl Next, Inc. company overview】

Company name: Colopl Next, Inc. http://coloplnext.co.jp/

Location: 4-20-3, Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Founded date: February 10, 2015

Capital: 100 million yen

Representative: CEO Shintaro Yamakami

Major shareholder: Colopl Inc. (100%)

Business description: investment

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